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Individual Counseling

Get one-on-one support with a traditional therapy format. Schedule at a time that works for you, and decide if you'd like to meet virtually or on a mindfulness walk.


IFS and Inner Parts Counseling

If you have tried traditional therapy and need deeper healing, IFS and inner parts work may be a good fit for you. We use a holistic approach that allows you healing on a more experiential level. Healing through accessing inner wounded parts of you.


Therapeutic Groups and more

Not everyone needs an hour in the office. In addition to Individual counseling and IFS therapy, we offer experiential groups, two hour, three hour and 20-minute sessions to meet your specific needs.

$50 - $550

Counseling Services

Our focus is harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit to help you achieve your highest vibrational state with clarity, fluidity, and depth of understanding.

Sometimes, we may require minor adjustments and realignment. We possess the tools to overcome obstacles but need a guiding presence to remind us of our inherent strength, particularly when feeling overwhelmed or mentally cluttered, or when physical tension impedes our movement.

By fostering mindfulness of our bodies and thoughts, we can release tension and move freely in body, mind, and spirit.


Other times, deep-seated experiences may necessitate therapeutic space and counseling to facilitate healing before we can restore balance to our energy. While we may not be broken, inner healing and support are crucial to reclaiming our sense of self. Whether it's coping with loss, be it a relationship, job, or the passing of a loved one, individual therapy and personalized resources provide a safe space to share burdens and embark on a journey toward healing.

Whether you seek meditative practices to enhance mind-body connection or guidance through life transitions, or if you're grappling with grief, hopelessness, or the weight of depression and anxiety, we offer a path towards restoration. Your autonomy is paramount in determining the level of care that best suits your needs. I invite you to reach out, collaborate with us, and begin crafting the life you desire for ultimate fulfillment of mind, body, and spirit.

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