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I'm Andrew Smith, my passion for financial coaching comes from working with clients who take responsibility and control over their financial situations. Feeling their relief and seeing their pride grow after accomplishing each step of the journey. Money is rarely the root of money problems.

Step of the journey

Like most people, my early life “financial education” boiled down to “work hard and everything else will take care of itself.” I was never taught to budget and control my money. This led me to over working to outearn my spending, I eventually found myself working in an active war zone to pay my bills.  In the end I could only increase my income so far, the bills came due, and I lost everything.

Working since the day I turned 16, with 2 or more jobs at a time, I had less than nothing as I was still underwater on my car loan. I said to myself “Myself, why do I have nothing to show for my years of hard work?” Since I had no answer, I knew I needed real data and created my first budget. By taking control and being intentional about my money I now live a debt-free life, where the only stress is planning what I am going do, not how am I going to pay for it.

From getting married, having children, buying a car or house. To college tuition, foreclosure, and divorce. I’ve done them all, some multiple times. Each of these major milestones requires planning and changes in lifestyle. The one thing I have found is that having a clear financial plan and great team for the bad times is equally important in the good.

After developing my budget, I would hear friends and family saying the same things I used to.  “I can’t get ahead”, “how can I take a vacation”, or “I’m never going to retire.” I unknowingly started coaching them by sharing my budget forms and experiences. Today I am a Ramsey Solutions Certified Master Coach, and here to join your team and coach you through wherever you are on life’s journey.



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